Can't ever undo a node edit

Am I doing something wrong? When I want to back off on a node edit operation I just clicked, all it does is undo whatever prior non-node-edit op was performed, but the node edit itself seems irreversible. The only way I could recover was to pull an old save.

Should be on Win 10.

Unless you mean something completely different, the undo function works perfectly here on my system (latest version of LB on Mac OS BS11.6.1.)

I could make a video. If I make a polygon, resize it, rotate it, then go to Node Edit and delete one line and add another but it didn’t add at the right coordinate, I hit CTRL-Z to undo, but instead of undoing the Node Edit: Add Line, or all the Node Edit ops, it will jump back and undo the prior rotation, if I hit it again it undoes the resize, etc. The Node Edits are still there.

There was no way to undo the Node Edit ops, whole or in part. I had to reload the project.

Something is not right in this description, as I do not see that you converted this polygon to paths first. When I do this, the undo action will undo that node edits as expected, so I am not seeing the same. :slight_smile:

Maybe your video will explain better, what is or is not happening.

The polygon was an example, maybe not the best. I was actually just drawing lines to make a focus tool and trying to move, add, remove stuff via Node Edit. So, it should have already been a path

Ok. I would still like to see your example, as I am unable to reproduce what you have described. Undo of Node Editing is working as expected on my systems. :slight_smile:

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Hmm, it is not doing what it was clearly doing the other night. I even pulled up the saved Project file and Node edited the object and could undo/redo the last operation. Not sure why it was stubbornly so broken before. But this is ok now

Glad to hear things are now working for you. If you notice anything moving forward, please post. We are here to assist. :slight_smile:

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