Can't find Materials Library?

I can’t find the default CLB file on my system at all and i did a search on my entire HD. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling but no luck. can you send me this file?

I can’t because there isn’t one. LightBurn supports a very wide variety of systems with different powers, so the material library is empty and yours to fill in as you find the settings that work for you. There is one specific OEM machine we support that ships with a library for that machine, developed by the creators of it, but it’s only really useful for that system.

Do you have a generic settings for a 2.5W LED laser? If not maybe I can use one from your other vendor to create one by determining the difference. it would be nice to see the different settings used for different materials like passes, speed and power. Can you please provide me with any one setup for an LED laser thanks

LightBurn does not provide any Materials Library files.

It is not practical as so many different systems are supported. Generic settings?, this does not exist. You may have noticed there isn’t a list from anywhere as this does not exist. Every laser system varies in output, even from the same brand/model, and settings need to be tuned to your system for the best possible results. There are some “general guidelines” for settings published by substrate suppliers, but again…general guidelines.

I have a Thunder Laser Nova 24 laser and they publish suggested power and speed settings for a variety of materials for the laser tubes that they support for that model (50 and 60 watt, I think). Many other manufacturers do the same and a bit of searching may turn up settings for a laer with similar tube power to yours.

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Thanks I looked at the Thunder ones