Cant find the camera window

When I click to show camera in window tab it is not showing up. I setup the camera with no issue. When I go to pull it up in the tab It is not there. I have updated to the new version. Any help would be nice.

Double-check to ensure you have that window checked ON.

You can also use the ‘Reset to Default Layout’ if you are still not seeing this window. If you pulled it out from the tab at some point, it may be hidden, so the reset should restore this for you.

I have tired that. I even restarted the computer hoping that would work.

Try this: Quit LightBurn, then re-launch while holding the Shift key. Then go to the Window menu and turn on the camera control window.

Holding Shift while LightBurn starts resets the window layout to the default, which can help if a window was “lost” outside the display area.

Thank you so much!!! That was the problem. Thank you!!!

This happens all the time with me. I did not know about the shift key option. I would uncheck the camera in the tools and turn it back on and then close and open Lightburn back up. worked 75% of the time.

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