Cant find the toggle for scan direction change

Hi all,
I recently upgraded to v1.3 and am going and reworking some older projects I have. I however have come across an issue I am stumped on.
I used to be able to toggle the scan/laser bur direction (diode laser) for my projects, but cannot find that option any longer where it used to be.
Did it get moved, or changed to some other screen?

Assume it’s the burn direction…

There is a setting in the layer for bi-directional, where it lases in both directions… Is this what you’re asking?

It’s only an option with fill as far as I know.


Thanks Jack,
What I am looking for is the SCAN ANGLE setting… as far as I can tell, its only used on “passthru” images, not lightburn modified images. Its in the same area, a few options down from the bi-directional toggle, but same menu screen. At least my old version had it there.

Might be a GRBL thing, as the Cut Settings for my Ruida controller has an active Scan Angle field for any Image Mode:

The usual caveat: Ruida controllers have hardware support for 0° and 90° scanning, so using any other angle is a Bad Idea.

Perhaps it’s a subtle difference based on image type / tracing / specific GRBL flavor / moon phase?

Scan angle is available on GRBL controllers so that shouldn’t be a problem.

@Kwynn Can you take a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

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