Can't finish Calibrate Camera Alignment

I am a total newbie here. I have an Omtech AF-2028 80w and a Xtools F1. I am trying to do the camera alignment and it cuts/engraves numbers 1, 2, and 4, when it goes to print 3, the best I’ve gotten is so light that I cant see the circle and only the 3 is barely visable. Like I said, I am new, at least to this big girl laser :slight_smile: Any help or ideas would be appreciated.

The four numbered targets are engraved at the same speed and power. They ‘Should’ be the same.

If they’re not identical (or at least very nearly identical) I’d start to look at how the focal distance may have changed across the bed of the laser engraver.

If you’re working with the xTool F1, it will be very sensitive to focal distance. With the targets at the edge of the work space they might be almost out of range. Move the head of the Galvo slightly closer to the work. About ~1mm or 1/16" might show the difference. If the galvo has auto-focus, you’d want to consider the possibility of raising the work up to shorten the focal distance.

With the Omtech laser engraver powered down, slowly (and gently) move the head of the engraver to roughly where the targets are and measure the distance between the head of the laser and the target. Comparing these four measurements may show that the bed of the laser engraver is not parallel to the frame and gantry that carries the head of the engraver, or that the material is warped.

If the four measurements are very close, the next thing to check would be mirror alignment as misalignment can cause power loss. The losses caused by misalignment are most often, most exaggerated in the corners of the work area.

It was my material not being completely flat. Was super happy to see the 3rd target. thanks bunches, I am sure you will hear more from me

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