Cant get $32=1 to stay after downloading latest version

I downloaded the latest version and since doing that my laser has no power at all. Checked and $30=1000 is ok (i am using a xtool 10W) but when I try to change $32=1 it always default to $32=0. Tryed changing it in the console and even made a macro and neither are working. Any Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Some will not allow you to change it. Others will allow the change, but will reset it back on a restart/reset.

Good luck


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This is not a LightBurn issue. Maybe ask at xTool forums / user groups if they can help, there might be more experts regarding their firmware.

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The inability to change settings is because this is an xTool product. However, it’s odd that $32 is set off. That sets laser mode. Are you seeing traversal moves being burned?

However, this should not have an impact on your stated symptom of low laser power. If that’s the case, there’s something else going on and likely not related to $32=0.


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