Can't get laser to return to regular settings after using rotary Tool


I have had Lightburn for some time. Recently I added the Rotary Tool for etching glass. Now that I am done using it, I wish to go back to the original settings to do some other work.

However, the laser will not frame a work piece, and the red point for laser location does not work at all. The laser will home okay but that’s about it.

I saved the original settings before setting up the rotary tool but when I load them nothing changes.

Once the laser moved to the upper right corner, but it acted like it hit out of bounds then stopped. It returned home after I hit the home button.

It seems like I’ve missed a setting, but after 2 days of trying everything I can think of I’m out of ideas.

Looking forward to your assistance.



Did you disable the rotary in LightBurn?