Can't get laser to turn off when not in use

I have a new NEJE 3 max with a A40640 laser module. I have set up the neje software and updated the firmware and all works on that side. When switching to GRBL mode and using Lightburn I cannot seem to get the laser to dim down or turn off when not in use. I have enabled the fire laser button and even setting that to 0.00% does not turn off the laser. It will allow me to increase brightness but not until 0.75%. in the NEJE app I can dim it to where it’s barely visible and off with 0% so I know it’s capable. I must be missing a setting somewhere. Can anyone help?

I have $32 enabled (1) and $30 is set to 1000 and $31 is set to 0 is there anything else I need to change? It is making marks on thighs when it should be off.

Confirm that S Value Max in Device Settings matches $30 (1000).

But I suspect this is not the issue with your laser.

Double check that your device profile is configured to “GRBL” and not any other kind of variant.

Even then, this sounds like it could possibly be a hardware issue.

This is what it’s showing.

You have $30 set at 10000

Not what I was looking for but good that you posted it as @Jimcoy pointed out $30 is set to 10000, not 1000.

Can you take a screenshot of Edit->Device Settings? It will show you the value of S Value Max. This needs to match the value in $30.

Push Devices button in Laser window. Then click one time on the name of your laser. Take a screenshot.

I took a photo of the wrong parameters I posted new photos and made sure it was 1000

So are you still having the issue? If so, then this seems like a hardware issue. I’d suggest checking to see if there’s a firmware update that might resolve it but I suspect a hardware failure.

I reinstalled all the firmware. With no luck. In the Neje app I can dim and turn off the laser. That’s what’s confusing me. If it was hardware wouldn’t the problem be on both programs?

Has the behavior changed at all? Can you describe what is happening?

Neje app runs on a different firmware in the controller. Not sure if this is a distinct hardware path, however.

No, since the firmware is distinct and possibly hardware. I don’t know if both firmware run on the same mcu or if there are distinct mcus for each firmware. If the design is fairly optimized I would assume they share the same mcu in which this is a good indication that the firmware is the issue.

I suggest reaching out to Neje for support.

I think maybe there is a hardware issue. I was in the Neje app to do a firmware update again to just GRBL and while I was there I double checked the laser dimming, all was good and I left it very low. Then I did the switch to GRBL mode and the laser brightened right back up again. Lightburn wasn’t even opened yet. So it can’t be a Lightburn issue. I have reached out to Neje to see what they say.
Thanks for the quick responses.

Ok I figured it out. There is a command $40 that was set to 0.50 by default in GRBL mode. I set it to 0 and now it turns off and on as expected. I can’t seem to find what that code is exactly but it seems to be the minimum standby percentage.

Nice. $40 is not a “standard” GRBL setting so must be a Neje customization or from the fork where they poached the code.

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