Cant get Macro installed in Corel draw 6

I have a windows 7 sp1 computer with Corel draw 6 installed and the latest version of LIGHTBURN running a Cam5 CFL-CMA1390T 130 watt c02. I copied the files into the correct directory but cannot get the macro to work. I followed the generic corel directions but could not get corel to recognize the macro when trying to go to commands and select Macros so I can go to the next step.

Your version of CorelDraw is 25 years old, it may not be capable of using the LightBurn macro.

my mistake its version x6 not 6

I just tried it on another machine that uses corel draw x7 and it seems to work just fine, they both have the same menu pathways for macros.

OK, that is a little more recent :slight_smile:

The macro was written for Corel 2018, as that was the earliest version I was able to purchase. It might need changes to work on older versions of Corel.

here is a link with a drop down that will get you to corel x7

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