Can't get # symbol on Lightburn because alt 3 does something else

First post here so please forgive me (and correct me ) if I should have done this differently.
I am using Lightburn 1.1.04 on a Macbook Air. I’m in the UK using the British keyboard.
In order to produce a hashtag symbol - # - I use alt and 3
This doesn’t work in Lightburn and appears to be a shortcut to moving the laser.
Any ideas how I can get around this please?
I have a Mantech 13090 laser with a Ruida 6554S.
Many thanks

If you mean the pound symbol ( # ) then use the, shift then 3
I’ve never known it to be any other way.

Thanks for your reply. Shift 3 does indeed produce the £ (pound) sign, but i’m after the hashtag symbol, which is produced by alt 3 in every program except lightburn it seems…

Thanks for taking the time to reply. Unfortunately no combination of 3 and shift, fn, alt or cmd produces the required symbol in Lightburn. Alt 3 works here # , so there’s no problem with the keyboard setup on the mac

I don’t have a direct answer for you but potentially a workaround. You could add a new input method/keyboard to your system that would allow you to use SHIFT+3 to get you a # symbol. I believe Australian works for this with the only change being £ → #. US keyboard may also work but not sure.

Keyboard shortcuts should allow rapid shifts in input method so not as terrible as it sounds if you’re not using the symbol regularly.

Another even less elegant workaround: copy/paste the symbol from another application.

Finally, there may be external keyboard / shortcut mapping programs that can interrupt the keystrokes to send a # but I’m not personally familiar with any.

Unfortunately LightBurn does not allow for any shortcut customizations directly.

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Yes of course. Changing the keyboard input to US allows me to shift 3 a hashtag #
Simple when you know how!
Thank you all for your help

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Can you use the symbol shortcut? Hold ALT then type 35. ALT + 35 = #

EDIT This just works on windows I believe.

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Windows only and requires numeric keypad for the code portion in case others stumble on this.


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