Cant get the calibration to run

Windows 10, Lightburn camera

With the latest update, K can see the camera image but the initial capture of the test image to calibrate the camera goes into an indefinite spin. Have to crash out of Lightburn,

Any help?

Like it’s loading, but it doesn’t ever load and locks up basically?

If your honeycomb bed is visible to the camera, cover it with a sheet, cardboard, paper, etc. The pattern is interpreted as thousands of circles and causes problems.

It is not visible - it is totally covered.

Can you show a screen shot of your calibration window before you click the capture button?

Yes - I’ll do that later when I GET IN THERE - Thank you

OK - resolved - had to get some really bright lighting onto it for it to be seen well.

Then to calibrate alignment, cannot use on the Boss HP machines with Trocan controller.

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