Can't get the settings right!

Hello everyone! I am trying to get this engraved and not sure what I am doing wrong. It will be on a pen and I want to inlay the engraving for both the name and flowers. As you can see, there is a ghosting on the name and the flowers were set for only 1 pass but it looks like 2.

The orchid pic I got off the internet and did a trace in LB.

Any suggestions on how to correct?

I see LightBurn screens. Do you have a job result you intended to share? :slight_smile:

It’s the last picture

This looks mechanical, something loose, jumped a tooth, skipping steps. I would go through the entire setup and ensure things are put together correctly, snug and moving smoothly in all directions. It also looks like you may have duplicates on top of each other. Shift -click the layer color to select everything on the red layer, then look to the bottom-center for total selected.

This might look like only one text shape, but there is another directly atop the other.

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