Cant import ai, dxf or svg file

cant import anything except png files. tried ai, svg and dxf. nothing happens

  • Which version of LightBurn are you running?
  • What steps do you perform when you attempt an import?

Consider to attach a representative sample of your .AI or .SVG file, to assist in troubleshooting. I’ve omitted .DXF as they are “special” files, in my opinion and may require more thinking on my part, beyond my capability.

This is not telling us much to go on. Step-by-step details will help. I can assure you that LightBurn does support the importation of these files you list. Use this multiple times a day and no other accounts of this have been reported.

As Jeff and Fred identify, we need further information from you to assist with anything of real value in resolving this.

Additionally, you need to update your profile here to list the lasers and motion control gear you are using. This way, we don’t have to ask, and you won’t have to repeat yourself. :slight_smile:

I tried putting the file in this message and its not allowed. I have tried importing and or dragging the ai, svg, dxf file into lightburn. it will go into light burn but either its the background without the mask or its the mask without the background. also, I have a thunderlaser nova 51/100 with ruida 644xg and lightburn 1.0.01.

If you are using a mask in your source art, you must flatten or bake the masking into the result before importing into LightBurn. Alternatively, LightBurn provides powerful masking tools to do these types of edits. Image Masking / Cropping - LightBurn Software Documentation

i cant mask a vector in lightburn. I can mask a photo image but no vector.

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