Can't import certain file types, also will not show "enable rotary" toggle on home screen

Lightburn will not let me import .png or .bmp files it does allow me to import .jpg. I was able to import the same files one day but something changed and the next day I couldn’t. I click import, choose the file clilck okay and nothing is dropped in the grid. AlsoI tried to add “enable rotary” toggle to my home screen, but it isn’t showing up even though in settings it says it is. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times to no avail. I know I am doing it right because it worked the day before, and it works on my other computer. Please help, this is very frustrating!


if it works on your other computer then it looks like a bad configuration. Try a clean uninstall, after uninstalling, delete the folder LightBurn in C:\Program Files, reboot and install again.

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