Can't Import pdf generated in Photoshop

I’m a complete newbie here so pardon any dumbness.

I’m working with Lightburn prior to getting my laser set up, just to get the feel of it and familiarize myself with its operation. I’ve managed to import bmp and jpg files so far, but when I attempted to import a pdf file created by Photoshop (as a Photoshop pdf), it locks up Lighburn and I have to vacate Lightburn using CTRL, ALT, DELETE. Photoshop can create a pdf using ZIP or JPEG encoding and I tried both. I noted that pdf is listed in the acceptable file types for import. Just wondered if there’s something unusual about the pdf files - not a big issue because I can use bmp instead, but curious? The graphic was a simple black on white square, 4 x 4 inches at 400dpi. Any comments? Thanks.

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