Cant Install 64 bit on my Microsoft Pro X

I cant seem to install the 64 bit version of this software

I get this error upon installing but when I install the 32 bit version it detects the 64 bit and tells me to install that instead.

What happens if you install the 64-bit version?

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The first box/picture shows the error I get when I attempt to install the 64 bit version. Wont let me go past that. The 32 bit version works just constantly tells me to install the 64 bit version instead.

I’m not super familiar with how the x86/x64 emulation works on these machines. I know that the x64 emulation was not publicly available last year but heard that it was meant to become available “soon”. Can you confirm that this is available on your system?

Are you running any other x64 applications?

Negative as I sorta just bought this system today.

I tried the same Win11 Home on Raspberry Pi 400. Frustrated as it was the 4th device to try, not related to the this occurence. So I just ordered a cheap laptop. That problem solved, still in trial period. LB does not operated device correctly with LC-60A. Trying to narrow down the setting/configuration as Lasergrbl works great with LC-60A. But want LB features.

I can’t find anything that describes the process to ensure emulation is enabled and running. I’m wondering if you could install a known x64 application from Microsoft Store. That might trigger or at least confirm whether or not emulation is working on your system.

You may want to create a new topic describing the problem and what you’ve tried.

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