Can't install Lightburn Latest Vesion on 32-bit Windows

Latest release of Lightburn is missing a 32bit installation file.
Can you please release it ?
Thanks in advance.

Greeting Petar
You can see old releases here:

I believe from 1.6 forward 32b were no longer supported

I could swear i had read this in a release notes, but cannot find it
Could you please maybe clarify which is the version that ends 32b support?

Yeah, but this is kinda bad for all users having Chinese machines with integrated PCs (32bit win7). I have my drivers and EzCad installed there and I don’t know, if I would be able to install new 64bit Windows with everything running okay.

Sorry to step in.
1.7.00 Beta has 32bit version.

I’m pretty sure it was announced that the 1.5.xx version would be the last version that 32 bit would be released for.

I know i read that too but cant find it any longer

@parsec Beta channel might not be in the same build path of official so i wouldnt read much into the 32b still being compiled.


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