Can't keep position to save my life!

Hello all. Having an issue w/ keeping position throughout my carving. It will move 2mm in x axis and 1 or so in y axis. Seems to be consistent. I thought I had an acceleration issue and missing steps but I have slowed the accel settings dwn to a snails craw and still having the same issue. I have a Ruida 644XS controller. Hopefully there are some settings I can adjust. I can’t find any mechanical issue w/the axis. Some pics below of my settings and the work piece I was trying to carve. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Sure it’s not a mechanical issue?

How are you connected to the machine? At that low an acceleration, I have to agree with Bo - it’s likely something mechanical, possibly binding in the bearings or linear rails.

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Ethernet connection. I can move the axes around freely when powered down. I can see the rails flexing ever so slightly on the y-axis due to the motor/coupling/shaft alignment. But they move well. Maybe I should remove the belts and move the rails around to feel for problem areas? I can set an origin and move the head around the work area and then use the return to origin button and it will move back to the same location. I thought the small text I was using on the design was causing slipping. I saw a discussion about RD Works and setting up accels based off of radiuses. Thanks.

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