Can't load Lightburn to my new laptop

First of all I really like lightburn. So much so I bought it immediately. I installed it on my older laptop. But I have a new and it won’t let me use my paid version. Right now I’m using trial version. Which is due to end so. I need help

“Won’t let me use my paid version” isn’t very descriptive. You’ve put in your serial and it gave you an error? If you can on your old laptop, go to Lightburn, click Help at the top, and then go to License Management, then click “Deactivate License”, and try again on the newer computer.

If the error you got was “activation limit reached” it means you have two computers on your license already, and are trying to install to a 3rd. You’d need to deactivate the older machine, as Blake describes. If you don’t have access to the older machine, send an email to support at and we can do this for you.

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