Can't load new svg file in Lightburn

So there I was on a roll loading and printing different svg files on my slate coasters and then Lightburn starts only displaying one svg

So of course I closed the program and rebooted my computer several times but the same file is still displayed.
Thoughts or Help

Can you use more words to describe what’s happening here?

Are you saying that LightBurn just loads up, already displaying that file?
Are you saying that LightBurn shows you that file regardless of what you import?
Are you saying something different than either of these?

Yes to the above.

Can you describe the steps you’re taking to import these files? What you’re describing is borderline impossible, but if all the SVGs were the same, that might do it - you could try dragging them onto a browser window, as nearly any browser will preview an SVG. If you just drag and drop them into LightBurn, do different SVGs show you the same images?

I’m trying to understand how this is happening, so if you can describe your steps in painstaking detail, hopefully we can figure out what’s happening here.

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I found out today it’s all my fault. I found that the svg file I was using was piggybacking other svgs with them. They were made using adobe illustrator. So I am getting the guy to make them in ai format. Let hope this works for me.
Thanks for all you help

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