Cant make a round circle anymore

Hope someone can helo. Out of nowhere i cant make circkels anymore.
When i do a box there is no problem. even a roudn frame is shaky.
I already changed the belts but no solution.

If you create a square, what does the resulting burn look like?

A square looks good. I forgot I installed a newer version of lightburn after that I didn’t use the laser? Maybe a setting issue ?

Completely normal? Can you take a photo?

Possibly, but an upgrade shouldn’t have changed that.

Can you upload the .lbrn file where you created the circle?

Also, can you go to File->Save gcode, save with .txt. extension, and upload the file here?

Looks like a mechanical problem.

TEST.lbrn2 (7,9 KB)
TEST.lbrn2 (7,9 KB)

I don’t see anything particularly odd in the .lbrn file.

Can you go through this step please?

I restored my laptop to last week with the older software and now it works normal again.

You rolled back the entire laptop? Or just LightBurn?

What version of LightBurn are you running now? Are you able to upgrade again?

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