Can't open a file I just saved (1.4)

I get an error message saying that file was saved in a later version (1.401 or something like that) and it won’t open a file after relaunch. I literally just created and saved the file…

The file opens in the previous version…

Thank you for reporting and drawing our attention to this. I just installed version 1.4.00, saved a simple file, closed LightBurn. Restarted LightBurn and was able to load that just-saved file without issue, running on a Mac. Please provide additional details about the OS used, type of file content, and anything else you can provide to assist us in reproducing what you are observing. :slight_smile:

If I try to load a file I have saved with a newer version, I am presented with the following message.

This file was saved with a newer version of LightBurn (1.4.01).
It may not load correctly and resaving it could cause data loss.
Continue? - ‘No’ - ‘Yes’

What happens when you select ‘Yes’?

It appears to open a blank file.

Brand new Mac, I was able to open the file in an older version! Then saved and reopened in the newer version!

If willing, we would like to review a file where you see this happening. General Specs of the Mac and OS version would also be valuable. Thank you.

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I am having the same issue. I have a desktop that had some files on it from a previous version of Lightburn and I can’t open them on my laptop with the newest version of lightburn.
My desktop is still running version 1.0.06 and my laptop is running 1.4.01

Please post one of the files that will not open, for review.

Pop Motorcycle on Tile 4.lbrn (1.2 MB)

Thank you. Is this an example of the 1.0.06 version you mention above? If different, please share the story of this file. What version was it built with? Can you open this file using any version of LightBurn, and if so, which?

Edit: Looking at this file, I see it was built using version 0.9.14, but does appear to be corrupt and unusable.

?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?
LightBurnProject AppVersion="0.9.14" 

Are you saying every file you have saved using this version will not open correctly using the current release? I do recall a rare few reports, were never able to reproduce, so any further detail you can remember will be helpful.

I can open the file in the 1.0.06 version on my desktop. I havent updated the software on my desktop. If I update the software will it integrate whatever was created in previous versions?

You should be able to read files built with previous versions of LightBurn. Additionally, you can go back to an Older Version any time you’d like.

Are you saying you can open the exact same file you shared? I find that difficult to understand, as that Pop Motorcycle on Tile 4.lbrn file is severely corrupt.

Yes sir, I can open it on my desktop that is running the previous version of Lightburn. I will get a picture of the file open on my desktop when I get home tonight.

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