Can't open .lbrn file from OneDrive

I have created several projects and save the files in Microsoft One Drive, I try to open the files in another laptop, but the files stored in One Drive cannot be opened. But if I copy the files into a USB thumb drive, then I can open it on another computer.

I would like to see how can I solve this problem?

It’s possible that OneDrive also has the file opened or locked. I don’t have OneDrive, so I might have to set up a drive / account so I can experiment with this.

I have OneDrive and have no problem with opening Lightburn Files. Are you using the OneDrive client side application?

From the graphic you attached, it looks like your problem is caused by OneDrive Unicode compatibility issues. OneDrive has had some encoding limitations on file naming. Maybe this is the case still today?

Yes, I think it is due to the Unicode problem, if I renamed the file to English, then everything is fine, thanks for pointing out the possible cause.

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