Can't read small letters even on Material Test

When I try to engrave small letters, they are unreadable. Even when I run the material test, the letters on the grid are too blurry/burnt to be able to decipher. I just got the Longer B1 20watt, and am making sure to set the fixed focus. How do I fix this?

Please provide a good quality photo of what you’re seeing. If the photo is something other than the material test also provide a screenshot of LightBurn showing the design.

First, thank you so much for your willingness to help.

Here is the Material Test…

Yikes, is that a cut or engrave test? What are the settings on the edit text settings?

There may be multiple things going on but let’s address one issue at a time.

You’ve indicated that you’re setting focus but the focus still appears off. How are you focusing the laser?

Check that the lens is properly secured and that there’s no residue on the lens itself. I’d suggest running a ramp test to confirm that the focus is indeed at the right distance based on current method of focus.

Also, can you confirm the material that you’re burning to? It’s possible that the material itself is causing some of these issues. You may want to test on cardboard or something less precious but with a consistent surface.

I’d also like to see if you have a device setup issue. I’m noticing evidence of a potential configuration issue. Can you push the Device buttons in Laser window, then click on the name of your laser one time, then take a screenshot. Post here please.

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