Cant reed controler

I am using free trial software for now. I am new to lasers. Just bought 80W china red black machine with TL-410c controller. got it to connect and can run a cut with it. What I cant do is feed from controllers to save the settings or make changes. Do not like the Autolaser software that came with machine. Is this just because I am using the trial software. or am I over looking something. I am going to purchase light burn if I can get it working correctly.

TopWisdom support is still being developed and reasonably incomplete at this point. It’s not because you’re on the trial - there is no difference between the trial and the full version aside from the time limit. The remaining features should start filling in within the next month.

Thank you would love to get the full version but still am having issues. With out of range when set up on rotary device

As I said, we’re still in the process of writing it - Rotary isn’t done yet, and neither is grayscale, machine settings, and a few other bits. It’ll get there, but it’s not ready yet.

Ok thanks I will be waiting

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