Can't save as RD File

Hello Guys,

I bought a Lightburn GBRL Licence and was wondering, that I can’t save as RD File, only as GCode. Then I upgraded the Licence after mailing to support to a DSP Licence.

Now under “File” I can still only save as GCode, not as RD File, like I need it.

Thanks for your help, Bobby

Hi Bobby. I don’t know the answer to this, but as a suggestion what would happen if you added a DSP laser to your machine types and selected that one? Would generating RD be an available option then?

Oh, also, to generate RD I don’t use the File menu, I use the laser controls “play” button. (Sorry, don’t have LB here and don’t remember the correct terminology).


Hello Mark,

Gosh I’m stupid, sure I have to install the big Thunder Laser as new Machine Type. Now I can sva as RD File too. At home, where I have tested it, I had only the Sculpfun S10, thought that I could save RD Files then too.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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