Can't seem to get the 'mask' function to operate (grayed out)

Attempting to use only the boxed in area. I’m not selecting them properly, I’m guessing as the ‘mask’ option is grayed out.

It’s hard to tell but I think I’m unable to select the ‘tool’ layer. I read the docs at Image Masking / Cropping but it doesn’t seem to work so simply. I changed the ‘box’ to something other than the tool layer to make is visible. I also tried making them on the same layer.

Here’s the lightburn file.


Jack (:0)

This is vector art and the ‘Apply Mask to Image’ is designed to work with bitmap raster artwork or images. You could use ‘Tools’–>‘Cut Shapes’ to isolate the section you want, deleting the remainder.


Well that explains it… :slight_smile: Thanks for the quick reply I’ll give you tip a shot. (:sunglasses:

Got it, working great now… Both the mask and the cut.

Thanks for the help. Devils in the details… (8-O)

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