Can't send this design to TL-403

This design won’t send to my TL-403 over usb. I don’t get an acknowledge beep from the unit like usual but there are no error messages. The machine is still connected and response to manual movement commands. I can draw a simple design and send it just fine.

I thought something was wrong with the controller but I can cut this design if I save it to the .OUT file and copy to the machine via usb stick.

Am using Lightburn 0.9.20 with TL-403 firmware V.L007.105.


kindcalmsafe.lbrn (877.0 KB) LightBurnLog.txt (215.3 KB)

I do not have this TopWisdom controller to test transmission issues you raise, but this file has other issues as well. How was this LBRN file generated originally? Did you import this, or trace an image to create? There are many small line segments under other lines. Is this intended? (moved segment to expose other shapes underneath)

The section below appears to be two objects when selected by clicking on one shape, then shift-click the other. But, if you use either drag-selection options to surround both shapes, you will see LightBurn report 13 objects. I moved 11 of them to the red layer to see easier.

Here, click select shows 7 shapes, while drag selection of the same shows an additional 51 shapes for a total of 58 objects selected. Did you intend to have these extra components in this job?

I also notice there are duplicate shapes.

Thanks Rick. I imported this dxf exported from kicad. I know what is wrong with the overlapping lines I didn’t select the option to export the centre line so it has exported both edges of the features. I’ll redo the export/import and see if that helps.

If there’s anything I can do to debug the send issues, please let me know.

kindcalmsafe-Eco1_User.txt (800.6 KB)

@LightBurn might have some feedback when they get a chance to take a look.

Thanks, I tried with the correctly exported file and it still won’t send.
kindcalmsafe-Eco1_User_1.txt (117.5 KB)
kindcalmsafe2.lbrn (164.9 KB)

I’ve been working away at this one and have fixed it. I tried with autolaser and it seems to have done something to the controller because it started working afterwards. There was some oither wierdness associated with an option that makes the downloaded file the new defauilt that I had to set too.

All fixed now.

I updated the firmware to get the vertical axis working properly. It now works manually, not supported in lightburn yet but there is hope.