Can't use full area of K40

I have noticed that my K40 (320x220 possible and was used with Whisperer) can’t frame anything greater than 298.5 X 209.5 - If I try to use bigger than that, I get a bunch of text in the console screen and then I have to adjust it to be exactly in the correct area: left aligned…

What am I doing wrong??

because you are here in the LightBurn forum I suspect you have since changed your K40 controller but failed to mention this. K40 Whisperer only works with the default M2 controller unless Scorch has made changes in the past year.

Because you then must be running GRBL, Smoothieware or Ruida we need to know what controller was installed in the K40. This is because there are firmware setting on the controller which define the max size of the working space. It is not only defined in LightBurn.

I changed to a mks gen 1.3 - was using an M2 - now running GRBL on mks Gen 1.3 - works great - but I can’t use the full area of the K40. I set the device in lightburn to reflect 320x220. The firmware that I use was made for a K40 - and if I move the K40 in lightburn to where I want to go it WILL go to 320 X 220 Y. When I frame - it will not do so. I can’t frame out of the dimensions I listed above.

Thank you for your help.

If you can tell us what that text is it would likely help us understand the issue. If it’s in the console, it’s likely the controller itself preventing this somehow.

In LightBurn, if you have anything but absolute coordinate set you can easily position your piece outside of the work area and have problems. Or, if your origin is not set to keep all moves inside the work area.
IIRC framing does not go outside the bounds of the part(s) edges.

I have absolute coordinate set.

Oz - when I get back home, I will have to list it - but I am going to be gone for 2 weeks.

It is strange that it limits the work area size to be less than the K40 work area …

not when you say you can manually move to the full size of the work area. Some setting is incorrect.
Maybe you have parts you can’t see which are outside the area. Try seting LightBurn to “Cut Selected Graphics”, then select your design and try framing it then.

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