Can't use LightBurn on my Mac OS

The console window in LightBurn reads something like ‘Not connecting…’
Is it the driver? I’m at a loss.

Lots of folks run Atomstack engravers on a Mac.

I would follow the Sculpfun setup video because the engravers are similar.

In the Laser window, it’s important to select GRBL (Bottom right).

Macs notoriously select bluetooth devices over laser engravers.

Click the middle bottom button of the Laser window and see if other ports are available for communication. With the Console window open, select other ports in the Laser window to see if the USB Serial Port is available. Select that, wait 10-15 seconds and see if a connection message appears in the Console window.

This is the video that I recommend:

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Thank you for the video.

Going through the prompts I notice when the first window pops up giving the device info it’s showing the work area in brackets of 10mm x10mm not 410x400. I ignored that and carried on with the prompts but the laser head is wanting to exceed the parameters and goes to the bottom left and judders as it hits the stop pin on the outside of the frame. I immediately turn off the machine.
I’m using the 1 month trail version at the moment.

Any suggestions?


That’s more a setup issue, no LightBurn issue. Which laser do you use? Here is a set of guides to start, maybe this also helps even if you have another type of laser: Quick Start & Overview - Diode Laser Wiki

Hello Melvin.

The Laser machine is a Atomstack A5 Pro.
Not sure where to go from here.


The A5 is very similar to the S9 laser the guides above are made for. Go through the mechanical and software setup guides, as well as the coordinate system one. Might help in understanding.

Have a look at the Console window and see if you’ve connected to your Mac yet.

If you have - that’s great!

In LightBurn, click Edit, wheel down to Machine Settings and click the Read Button near the bottom of that window. That will dump all the settings out and into LightBurn. Let me know if that fixes your workspace.

If you haven’t connected yet - let me know because some macs are stubborn.

Hi John.

Haven’t had chance to re-look at the machine. Broken down boiler, engineers round to replace it tomorrow so when they are settled in I will do what you have suggested. (Probably to much info)

Many thanks


Good morning.
Turned on the Atomstack.
Console is saying ‘Waiting for connection’
The choose has ‘cu.bluetooth-incoming-Pro…’ and the laser is stationery in the bottom left of the X/Y axis.
When I change the choose to cu-usbserial-1420 its starts to judder and the console dialogue window has this message on it.
Waiting for connection…

Waiting for connection…

[MSG:X Axis Standard Stepper Stok




[MSG:Using machine:MACHINE:X7 ZX]




This is basically correct. You need to choose the usb-serial… device. LightBurn can connect and you get messages from the laser. So it’s working fine. Though, the first message is a little weird. Try to disable “auto home at startup” in device settings and try to connect again. Then there should be just a connection and no movement. And then try to move the laser using the manual arrow buttons.

I’ve just tried that and the laserhead is now not giving me that horrible juddering. One thing I have noticed I clicked find device and when the dialogue box appears it has my Atomstack listed I click to find device it scans for the device and another window appears but without the machine listed.

The laser dialogue box states it’s Disconnected. The device discovery wizard window has nothing listed, no device info …nothing. It seems to be reading there isn’t a machine connected.

Ok things have moved forward (pardon the pun). I’ve quit Lightburn and restated my Mac. Its now showing connected in the Laser window. I click the locate tool in the tool bar, click on the work area and the laser moves to that spot. However the work area has shifted so when the laser goes south it hits a position roughly 40mm short of the guide marks on the rail. This subsequently means it wants to go further north when positioning the locate button at the top of the work area.

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