Canvas like in Fusion 360

Hello, There is a “Insert Canvas” on Fusion where the user can insert a picture and be able to work on top of the picture for better location of details. Is there in Lightburn something similar? Thanks in advance.

Not that I am aware of but you can always import an image on a layer and work on other layers on top of it. i do this all the time. what i like about fusion’s canvas is that you can calibrate the image and with lightburn i work the other way around - i place some shapes in the right size/location on lightburn workspace then resize the image to match those then lock it. I as well want to have something like Fusion canvas in lightburn.
You can suggest such feature here:

You should wait for lightburn team to reply to you.
These were my two cents.



This can work, thanks Squid… lets wait for the LB team reply as well.

@Squid hi just drag the image resize as you refer, but I am not able to see the layer to edit, already change the layer position, maybe is because the image is a little bit dark? Could not find how do you do in this case. Thanks again

In Cuts/Layers window make sure your image is in the background and/or comes before your shapes layer.

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LightBurn does not have such a canvas tool as in the Fusion product, but as @Squid shows, you can import an image, set to Tools layer and use that as your reference. Is this what you are asking? :slight_smile:

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