Cardboard and balsa RC plane

I’ve completed designing and building my third RC plane using Lightburn. This particular one I’ve pioneered a new way to combine cardboard and balsa. The original plane was based upon a simple foam design I’ve built and flown a few before, needless to say, I took it to new levels of sophistication with this one.

This is just a bit over one pound in weight, 34" wingspan. I used dollar store tissue for covering the wing and Ultracoat Parklite for the blue.

It’s hard to believe it’s only been 7 months since I bought my first laser cutter and learned how to use Lightburn.


Terrific model. Been tyring to create a micro, twin boom pusher for some time. So good to see such a fine example. Did you design in Lightburn or CAD? How did it fly?

It flies well, I’m using Lightburn exclusively.