Cardboard Boxes

I am a member of Rochester Makerspace, using a 80 watt laser. I am about to make cardboard boxes/dividers. What is the safest setting to get started, without catching fire.

Just start at some speed, usually faster, 200mm/s. That might be too fast at low power levels. You probably want the fastest speed at the lowest power or you burn sensitive areas. Increase the power until you get the desired results. You can balance the power/speed combination.

Most things are like this… It’s hard to find a ‘starting place’, you’ll get better as you get more experience but it always requires some kind of testing with any material change.

Good luck, show us some of the parts when you figure it out…

Wish I could say do XXmm/s at Z%power and that’s it…


Thanks, I came across a great tutorial by Creationz and he shows how to manage the power via the Controller. My car has been covered with snow surrounded by ice for a week now so I haven’t been able to get to Makerspace to try some things out. I will be showing my boxes, hopefully next week.

This can only be answered by testing the material you plan to use. Use the site I provided back a few months ago to help auto-build some test files to help you determine these settings. Once you have a setting that works well, you can save that in your ‘Material Library’ for recall at a later date when you need to cut that material again. :wink:

Here is that link again for quick reference: Lightburn PowerScale Generators - O2 Creative

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Rick, thanks. I did go by that awhile back. I meant to ask my little brother if I did it right. I don’t know if he ever got back to me. I think I will go thru it again; I am understanding things a bit better than I did before. My brother makes me work for it before he will help. Oh, I am creating a Material Library with help of Creationz online tutorials.

Nice! I am so happy when you stop by and offer an update about your journey. So much to explore and learn, and your enthusiasm ‘dive in’ approach is infectious. Thank you.

When picking a new material or choosing to try a different type of project, it is always worth running a few reliable tests to see what works and produces as you’d like on the final material. Build a few that work for you and what you do most. Using these same test files, again and again, with different materials and job types (cutting vs image engraving or fill work as examples) will help you fine-tune your process and results.

When you find something you like, toss that in your ‘Material Library’ (press ‘Create new from layer’ button on the right side of ‘Material Library’ window - Material Library - LightBurn Software Documentation). After you do it a few times, it will become second nature in your flow, saving you countless hours and materials as you continue. Small bites and in no time, you will be surprised how many valuable entries you can quickly recall with a simple click! :slight_smile:

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