Carn't get my Ortur master 2 working

Help needed for a old (73) guy trying to get my Ortur to work properly using Light Burn 0.9.24 , I power up the Ortur and all is good it goes to home, the bottom left but when I plug in to the computer (desktop windows 10) it goes to the middle left and hits the side bar, I’ve tried to burn a word (Love) but it goes all over the place, did the L upside down and the O was a squiggle, V upside down and the E like the O. I have watched many Utube clips and i am now lost. I think the computer is confused like me. sorry i am not very good with this technology. Thanks for any help and assistance. Ken in Orange NSW Oz.

Hello Ken: I’m also an old fart, 65, ( as the grand kids call me). I am new to lasers and lightburn myself, about 45 days worth and two orturs. Question, did you plug into, or unplug your Ortur from your PC while
your Ortur was powered up? The reason I ask is that some things, (like my memory stick), goes wacko if you pull the item out of your pc without powering them down first. If you did do that (unplug the Ortur) there may be a slight chance that you damaged the Ortur controller board. Maybe one of the ole pros on here can help you. I don’t know anything about windows 10. I’m still running windows 7 Pro. Good luck.

Thanks for the reply It’s good to know somebody is out there. I don’t think i unplugged any thing while it was going I think it went crazy right out of the box but as i said I’m lost now just want to push a button and have every thing go back to factory setting. :slight_smile: Hope some one out there can help me.

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