Carte nano m2 vers ruida 6445g (nano m2 card to ruida 6445g)

Bonjour, je voudrais travailler avec Lightburn, malheureusement je suis sur une carte nano m2 sur laser 80w co2.
Quelqu’un aurait-il un tuto ou lien pour m’aider a passer a Ruida 6445g.

merci pour vos réponses.

Hello, I would like to work with Lightburn, unfortunately I am on a nano m2 board on 80w co2 laser.
Does anyone have a tutorial or link to help me switch to Ruida 6445g.

Thank you for your answers.

This sounds like a massive undertaking.

I flashed a Nano 3 to GRBL 1.1f and it communicates with LightBurn.

The stepper motor drivers and high voltage supply for your laser should have some identifying marks. The Ruida owners manual shows a schematic for the connections.

I believe that you will get more input if you can share more information about your engraver. I will also move your question into the Unofficial community channel to further facilitate the answering of your question.

merci pour vos explication

thank you for your explanation

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