Cartoon character from long ago

I have been playing. Top image is BMP with 317dpi
Bottom image is BMP at 530dpi.

Something appears to me that I didn’t expect, when I turn the photo left and right in a semi-circle they appear more 3D.

Image was a simple drawing I put into PhotoShop at 200dpi adjusted very little, converted to BMP and dropped into LB. Upped dpi in LB as I said above.

Fractured my left wrist in a fall on black top driveway last Thursday, visiting orthopedic surgeon Friday. Cast above elbow at this time. Kinda messed up my work schedule.

Why would you engrave at a higher dpi than the original?

Do you have a compound lens to get your dot size to the area of 508 dpi?

I like the dwarf…

I keep thinking this is me…



Because I wanted to. LOL

Being in BMP I wanted to see if there would be any difference visually in size of dots. In this scenario there isn’t much difference but engraved better image wise.