Carved Tiny letters are blurry, big letters are okay. A power supply timing issue?

I need to engrave business card on aluminum cards but can’t get the tiny letters to come out sharp and clean due to power supply’s bad timing.
A while ago I came across a video that was explaining how to set the right timing in Light Burn Software for the power supply of my Co2 laser. I’ve spent hours online trying to find it back but can’t seems to be able to, so here I am asking you to orient me towards the right video and/or help me with this issue. Please!
To see what was going on I set engraving at 60 line per inches and can see that each burned line is of set from each other (see attached picture for example) which makes tiny letters look blurry and fat.
Because I saw that video long ago I know it’s a power supply timing issue. I know where to go in the software to fix the issue but don’t remember how exactly it should be done. Please help and forgive me if this is not the right place to ask this question.
Thanks for your time!

This is worth review for what you are showing. Scanning Offset Adjustment - LightBurn Software Documentation

Yes YESS and YESSSSS!!! :slight_smile:
This is it! Yahoooo!
Rick, I can not thank you enough !
Have a great day!

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