Cat on a glazed tile

I downloaded this image from the Louisiana Hobby Guys forum. It was one of the images in his library that he has shared with Lightburn users.
Etched with gumarabic and titanium on a 150mm square tile. 1200mm/m 80% power on my Atonstack A5 laser. I think this is just about perfect.


Just a quick note regarding this guy. I found him on YouTube some time ago and have learnt more from his Lightburn videos than anywhere else. I just love the fact he doesn’t hide his mistakes. After all we all make them and learn by them.

If we’re not making mistakes, we’re not making anything. I love this tile, the image is just great. Such a friendly looking kitty! Thank you very much for sharing.

Yayy!! So cool to see someone else using Gum Arabic for this purpose! Incredible result! :smiley: