Ccd camera function

I am really new to laser. I bought this huge laser engraver snd i am very inexperienced. I am however trying to figure it out. My machine comes with a ccd camera function. Does this need calibrating? And how?

No harm in that: Welcome aboard!

To begin, you should read through the LightBurn doc to give yourself some of the vocabulary and background knowledge you need to start doing interesting things:

A guide to picking a camera that will explain what LightBurn expects:

If the camera in that laser is a normal USB camera, then the rest of the doc applies:

In truth, you can go a long way in lasering without a camera: even if it’s not compatible, you’re not lost at sea.

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Maybe 2-3-4 years ago, lightburn team said it will be included… But nothing done. I renewed my licence many time for that and nesting function but seems they will never update on that way. I will leave lightbien and go with rd Orks, vision and mark soon. Waisted time waiting for nothing… I prefer they say we will not support instead of soon it will be supported ( 3-4 years later nothing) if soon is about 10 years, please advise your customers… Tks

As a rule, we do not make promises on timelines.

  1. They are hard to keep
  2. When they’re missed, we end up with disappointed users.

Our list of features we want to implement is huge - The sky is the limit. As a small team, weneed to focus on features that the largest majority of our users will benefit from. CCD cameras is on the list, but as to when we’ll get to it, we can’t say (See above)

There are improvements to both the overall camera setup procedure that will vastly improve the workflow and it’s reliability, as well as head-mounted camera improvements.

Docking is one of the building blocks that was required for nesting to even be on the horizon, and that has been very useful for a lot of users. True nesting however is an incredibly difficult problem to solve in code. If it was trivial, we would have done it.

As a FYI - you have a lifetime license, and only need to renew if you want to use the latest versions of LightBurn. If we don’t put out feature updates that interest you - don’t update. It keeps us developing new features that people want. If we didn’t, nobody would renew - but they’d still be able to keep using LightBurn.

Tks for your reply… i’ve checked on the forum then also on facebook groups… a lot of people asked for it… about nesting there is many free or paid software… i use one on illustrator, so not hurry about lightburn… there is also deepnest and many other free… about CCD the only option is using Ruida … CCD on my mind better than lightburn camera… in fact lightburn camera is good but on my case i need precise cuttting and for big machine 900 or 1390 the camera should be mount on the lid at a bigger distance than a small bed. = if the camera move about 0.5mm the cut on the bed is not ok or need calibrate again… the precision about a CCD near the laser head = bigger precision, I 've twice : Camera for lightburn and CCD . i mainly use the lightburn camera for the engraving (if match the material) but about cut it is not enough accuracy… i use rdmarks and get good result… I don’t like switch between ruida and lightburn, I hope Lightburn better than Ruida but have no choice… i have to learn Ruida then maybe leave lightburn because CCD missing. Lightburn is a paid software… Ruida is free for ruida controller… i expect a paid software have more/similar function than a free one… Keep in safe.

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