CCD Camera overlay pop out?

is there anyway that the camera overlay window could be made to pop out, and have its own expandable window for monitoring the bed from the pc when cutting? tehn if you had a two monitor pc you could drag and drop it on to second screen and then expand to full screen for watching for flare ups etc



You can ‘undock’ the ‘Camera’ window and place where you’d like. “Seeing” that window when LightBurn is in background will depend on your OS. This behaves differently on macOS, as having a floating window which doesn’t get hidden when the application goes to the background is deemed “un-Mac-like” behavior and not allowed. So, on Mac, LightBurn must have screen focus to display any undocked LightBurn windows.

The best option would be to just use FaceTime or the Photo app to monitor the camera instead of using LightBurn to do it. There’s no clean way for a pop-out window on a Mac to stay visible when you deactivate the app. MacOS really doesn’t like that.

so you can do that with th ecamera window, can it be expanded to full screen as well to view the image of the bed?

Yes. Just drag it out.

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