Center circle in corner of a triangle

Hi, I’m new here and trying out the software before my lasercutter arrives. Im making some design to cut in the future but one thing I can not seem to understand is how to center a circle in te middle of a corner of a triangle? Im designing some triangle flags with a hole in each corner at the top but how do I know if they are aligned alright? If I use the alignment tools, it will place the circle in the middle of the entire triangle instead of just the middle of the corner.

Hope you can help!


I’d also like to know how to do that :slight_smile:

I’ll go try :slight_smile:

OK but I’ll be really interested to hear other options, IF this is what you are after Linda ??

Yes, exactly like this! I will use it with the point downwards and then on the two corners on top a circle on each side to put a string through it for hanging but i cant seem to get them on both sides exactly the same

This is the idea but instead of tracing it, i want to draw it myself for the best measurements.

One option is to rotate your triangle 45 degrees (or the angle it should be) and center your circle, then you can use the arrow keys to drive the circle up exactly where you want it.

Wow this is very usefull! Havent thought about it this way, thank you so much!!

Hey these are cool ways forward :slight_smile:
In mine I drew the triangle using the Polygon tool and setting the sides to 3.
Then Edit, change to curves, applied the set corner radius I wanted to the three triangle points
Drew 3 circles with the same radius as the corner radius value and placed them to overlap the triangle corner line.
Then selected and grew the triangle 3 % with aspect ratio locked.

Many ways forward, all valid… this is a cool thing to do :slight_smile:

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