Center Job Origin Not Working

With the new version of LightBurn v0.9.12, the center Job Origin selection is no longer working - it defaults to the upper right. This worked in the previous version. The other corner choices work as expected.

This is with the Marlin device type to produce .nc files.

Check your device settings - A new mode for Marlin was added to support ‘Inline’ power commands. If you have that enabled it would probably make the first GCode command emitted not work.

That option makes no difference selected or not.

Can you post the file you’re trying to use? I’ve run a few simple tests with center origin and they all work, so we’re not seeing the same thing. I’ve also run my samples in this online viewer, and all the center-origin files look right:

System says I can’t upload .lbrn attachments as a new user, but will do png’s -

Try now - I’ve bumped you up a level - and post generated gcode as well.

That worked:

DD Logo Raster & Text.lbrn (33.2 KB)

This works for me (in the online sim, at least)

Note that the .nc file produced is altered, via TextCrawler, to utilize commands UCCNC uses to drive the StepCraft table and Endurance laser.

Well, for me only the corner selections work - the side and center choices do not. Not the case prior to the update.

Even without the TextCrawler changes the center reference is still in the upper right corner when loaded into UCCNC.

… and if you could post the gcode file I would be able to look for errors in it, but I see none when generating it here.

Rename this to .nc as the system would not allow that extension.

DD Logo Raster & Text v1.lbrn (40.9 KB)

This line is new:

; Bounds: X-12.59 Y-13.94 to X12.59 Y13.94

What’s that about?

It’s a comment. It doesn’t actually do anything.

I took it out and now all is centered. Isn’t that supposed to be a comment?

Huh? That’s messed up - yeah, it’s a comment - if you send the file from LightBurn to the machine it actually removes them as they’re being sent.

It’s centered:

Just doubled checked - that “comment” is affecting the positioning. It could be a UCCNC bug of some sort I guess, but that would be beyond strange. LOL

That’s bizarre. I added the comment because SnapMaker can use that comment in the header for framing, but it’s not interpreted in any other way (nor should it be - it’s a $*%g comment!)

In reply to the same named post which I can’t reply to (something about maximum number of replies have been reached):

I’ll try to have TextCrawler remove it, but you might want to try with UCCNC and see what you get for yourself. This is not good.