Centering A Clock Face

Good morning!! I’m using an Ortur Laser Master 2 along with Lightburn to make some clocks on cut log faces. Not all of the faces are completely round. I have made a few but sometimes the clock is off to one side or the other. So my question is how do I get the clock face “centered” on a non symmetrical log face?? Thank you!!

Can you post an example LB file for us to look at?

This one isn’t to bad but you can clearly see that the clock is shifted to the right. Sometimes when the wood is oval it doesn’t always come out straight especially in the corners. I guess the corners are more of a concern than the sides. With the sides it is probably me not measuring correctly.

How are you defining center in these cases? And what is the current complication for centering your work? Is it that the engraving is not going where you expect or is it that you’re not sure where to put it for it be centered?

This might assist you with your workflow. :slight_smile:

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For odd shaped things like that I use the rubber band framing and best guess.
It may not be perfect, but it does work for me.

When I made my clock, I used a small circle using tool template. (T1) to show where the center of the clock was. Find the center of your wood block and make a mark. Shut off all layers but T1. Now, when you press frame, the circle will show you where the center of the block should be placed.

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