Centering image in work area

Work area of open frame laser is 32.5 x 37.5. Image centered on center marks on screen. When engraving image, laser head moves to a location that is of. Center of bed 4-5 inches off center on both x and y axis. Any idea what setting I should look at to correct this.

I’m having some difficulty understanding the problem.
When the head moves does it record correctly?
In other words, it records 4 to 5 inches off-center?

Did you properly configure the device settings for that table area? X and Y axis directions correct?

Better description of my issue. If I enter x and y centering coordinates laser head travels to a location that is off center of work area. So instead of being centered in work area at x18.75, y16.25 as entered it goes to ~x23, y21. Haven’t measured error precisely, just ball parking it.

Type in Lightburn console window
$$ enter
S# enter
and copy/paste here the output.
Also post a screenshot of Edit → device settings.

Board in use is Atomstack LaserBox ESp32

Stream completed in 0:04

As a start you have to change $130 (mm) and $131 (mm) to size of your work area. As you will convert from In to mm round the number to next lower integer value to be on the safe side.
Also check the true size of the work area and not te outside size of the laser, because on a search I get Universal Engraver 15000 work area is 65cm x 65cm (25,59In x 25,59In).
Also adjust these values accordingly.
Not checked other GRBL settings now, I have to leave I am a bit busy.

I expanded frame from original size. Measured x and y maximum laser movement from home position and entered in $130 and $131. Still doesn’t center.

Very much appreciate your assistance.