Centering image to coaster

When i use the square tool to make a 4x4 square for my coaster then import my image and make that the size it needs to be i try to choose align to center but its grey andit wont let me use that how can i get my image center

Selection of the image along with the square should allow this alignment. You need to have at least 2 objects selected for this to become an available option. :slight_smile:

Ok how do i select the square and the image at the same time because it only lets me select on at a time

You can drag select all, or select one, then hold Shift key while clicking another item to add to your selection.

I suggest you a quick review of our documentation to understand some of the LightBurn basics. :slight_smile:

For Selection:

General Usage:

I have another question the picture’s attached is one of the preview and one laser i don’t know what happen to the face because the preview shows how defined the face is but after its engraved it doesn’t lpi is at 300

Hard to tell from these images, but looks like the laser might be “out of focus”, thus blurring the output with overlapping dots. I suggest checking this using the Focus Tool found under the Laser Tools menu at the top. Requires a machine with a controlled Z-axis.

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