Centering off in Lightburn

I’m having a problem centering all my projects in Lightburn. The entire engrave is off centered to one side. I’ve tried starting from the top right and from the center. When I frame it, it frames perfectly. When I engrave, it’s off center. This is on all my projects, rectangle, square and round. Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong?

You can see the X in the center where I started.

A mirror goes in the center if I ever get it right.

Are you using the additional crosshair pointer on the D1 to do your framing/alignment or are you using the primary laser?

What are you using for your Start From setting in Laser window?

I centered the Fire laser on the center. Start from center.

Do you have a pointer offset configured in Edit->Device Settings? If so, that may be the cause.

Also, forgive the unsolicited call-out but “congratulations” is spelled with a ‘t’, not a ‘d’. Hoping to save some embarrassment. Unless this is a play on words of graduation and congratulations… but feel like “congraduations” might be more obvious in that case.

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By George, you’re right. Yes pointer offset is set at -16.00mm. (Don’t know what that means) If that is set should I center on the crosshairs? Or should I turn that off?

This was supposed to be a R&D project. And yes, that is a typo, However if it had worked I would have probably used it before I noticed it. Are you for hire as a proof reader?

Mine is turned off.

I did a project with a misspelled word and gave it to a friend. My wife later read it and said “that’s not even a word” LOL. A little embarrassed to ask for it back for a replacement.

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If set, you should use the crosshairs to aim and frame. If you don’t want to use the crosshairs then disable the offset.

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Yes. But I charge by the letter. Even if I get it wrong.

If only you had changed the order of operation… :rofl:

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This is intended to support systems with a separate small adjustable pointer, many times known as the “red-dot pointer” used to view where the laser will fire and help with visual framing of the job. These are typically mounted in an offset position from the beam path. The setting in LightBurn is designed to let you inform LightBurn of this offset amount.

Thanks. That was the problem. I was framing and centering using the fire laser while the off set was on. Thanks again!!!

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Did you ever finish the project? I would like to see how it turned out.


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Nice, turned out good. Thanks for sharing.

One possibility would be zero. Does it also happen if the zero point is placed in the middle of the board to be engraved in LightBurn?

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