Centerpoint / position

Is it possible to change the diameter of a circle or the size of a square without losing its center position?

Thank you and keep up the good work

Yes, select the middle circle in that 3x3 grid of circles before resizing. Right now it’s set to top-left so it will use that point as the anchor while resizing.

It is not possible for me to select the center point of that circle to decide that it should change the diameter from the center, only “normal” selection is possible.
Why is the center of objects not the starting point for resizing?
Btw, thank you for your answer.

Hello again,
I’ve found out what you meant - it’s so simple and fine - thank you.

Hehe, good! I probably should’ve used a mark on your screenshot to explain it in the first place. Anyway, glad you found it!

You can also drag-scale items center-out by holding the Ctrl key (Command on Mac).

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