Centroid Acorn Controller

I have a Centroid Acorn controller on my CNC router which I have added an Endurance laser to it. Is there ever going to be support for this controller? The controller is attached to my computer via ethernet and has its own static ip address.
I would like to use Lightburn but am unable to at this point.

The nice folks over at Centroid recently reached out to us, but this is at the very beginning of discussions. You can add your vote for supporting here:

Does the Centroid Controller run off of GCode or some internal language? I know it’s connected via ethernet, but if it can run GCode, then Lightburn, at a minimum, could generate a GCode file.
If it’s core is BeagleBone Green, then maybe it’s a LinuxCNC derivative.

It does run off of GCode and the core is BeagleBone but I run it off Windows 10

The core isn’t running Windows 10, is it? It’s the Centroid Program that runs on a Windows 10 PC and talks over IP to the BeagleBone, if I’m not mistaken.

You are correct. For specifics on the controller you are best to talk to Keith at Centroid. He developed the controller for the DIY market.