Ceramic Laser Paper For CNC Laser Engraving Machine Logo Mark Printer Cutter Accessories Carbon

Hello all!

Quick question… does anyone know how to use the product Im adding the link for? The directions are very vague. I’ve been experimenting with the application but I can not seem to get it right. I have tried an assortment of them from soaking it before i stick it to the piece, soaking after sticking it to the piece, soaking it with the backing on it and without, dried it with a heat gun and outside air dry. Nothing. What I think has to be the issue is my settings so any help would be very much appreciated. Ive seen many pictures of finished product and have read about people doing with a cheap diode laser so I know it can be done! Thanks

I am working with an Ortur Laser Master 2

Did you notice where they said “and then mark it with a fiber laser marking machine to color…”. Sounds like it needs a fiber laser to work properly.

Also, the place that I purchased it from sent blue laser marking paper with a peel off back and what appears to be plain black cardstock. They wont return my emails asking them for black laser marking

I did. I have read it works with a diode laser.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to check with whoever wrote that it works with a diode laser and see if they have actually had success with that method.

You could also leave a review for the product on that web site mentioning that you have tried contacting them for support without success.

There seem to be a number of these websites around at the moment - usually a generic sounding name, selling a diverse range of items, set up only recently, possibly just a store front for a company that holds no stock.
This one seems to be one of those - it may well be legitimate but don’t give the impression of being specialists suppliers who can offer tech support.
I’d be inclined to purchase from, say, an educational supplier - here in the U.K. there are a number of suppliers who cater to school and college technology departments, who will also sell to hobbyists and small businesses. Much more likely that they will offer materials that are suitable, tried and tested by their many customers and who will quickly drop products from their catalogue if they don’t perform well.