Ceramic Tile and Maple wood

Good friends of Daughter Beloved Dog just passed away
So I did 3 ceramic tiles and 1 on solid Maple
The all Black Dog presented a challenge
Prepped in PaintShop Pro 19
2.5 watt Eleksmaker
for wood 1200 mm/min @40% power…363 DPI


Your work and quality never ceases to amaze me! :clap:

Thankyou HalfNormal…lots of hours and understanding all my laser quirks

The shine on the dogs coat is phenomenal!

@Bulldog you have achieved the expert status . You are now qualified to show up in any “forum” As an expert witness

Thank you for sharing


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You are doing some fine graphics works, I am impressed, keep sharing your experiences with us. Experience and professional discussions make this forum so great.

LOL…Thanks Sasq :crazy_face:

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Thanks bernd :ok_hand: